About Us

Krushi Foundation was formed by an enthusiastic group of people who have rural backgrounds and want to help children gain access to a better education. Krushi Vidhyalayam was started by them as a means of providing quality education to students in rural areas.

By running Krushi Vidhyalayam, we hope to reduce the financial burden on parents and provide the facilities to create an environment conducive to learning, where students are encouraged to explore their creativity and satisfy their curiosities. We believe that the current educational system is lacking in terms of providing opportunities for overall personal development of students. Rather than concentrating only on technological advancement, we also lay a strong emphasis on moral values and hope to instill a sense of love and affection towards society in every student. We also impress upon our students, the importance of environmental awareness and encourage them to plant and nurture at least one tree every year during their time here.

As part of this endeavor we would like to offer free education to the economically disadvantaged, physically challenged, and to middle class families with two or more girl Children. Along with this, we also provide employment for at least 30 qualified graduates as faculty.

In the USA, Krushi foundation is registered as Krushi Charitable Organization under section 501(c)(3) and its Tax ID is : 26-3317894