This foundation was started by Narsi Posham, who contributed $50,000 towards the construction and running of the school for the first six months. His goal is to make society aware of the huge difference it can make to a child’s life by donating a small amount of money towards providing education to students who cannot afford it. It costs as little as $50 to cover educational expenses for one student. Our students will appreciate any of your contributions.

Donations can be made in the form of checks and credit cards.

If using a credit card please go to and follow instructions.

Donations from residents of India in the form of checks can be made out to Krushi foundation and mailed to the following address:

Krushi Foundation
Mellacheruvu, Nalgonda (Dt)

Donations from Residents of the USA must be made payable to Krushi Charitable Organization and mailed to the following address:

Narsi Posham
550 Moreland Way Apt 3202
Santa Clara, CA-95054,USA

We will mail you the receipt for your Tax  filing as soon as we deposit your check. Donors in India and USA will get a100% TAX exemption on your contributions.

Note : Please include your name, phone number, address, and email on the back of the check