News Letter

Dear All,

I would like to thank you for your support to sucessfully run our Krushi Charitable Organization for year 2008.

I would like to update you on the followings.

1. Donors list
2. School progress
3. Events in 2008
4. Year 2008 financial details
5. Plans for 2009-2010
1. Donors list
      Here are donors list
Name Amount (dollars)
PenchalaNarasimha Reddy
Giridharan Murugareddy
Rahul Menon
Venu Gandesiri
Sudhakar Mudem
Praveen Soora
Veera Reddy Posham
Srinivasa Seelam
Srinivasa Reddy Kari
Satya Pulagam
V Krishana Pabbareddy
Yuva Raju Nadimpalle
Alpesh B Oza
Venu Gopal Yankalra
Khalid Ansari
Rajesh Penumetch
Shailendra Jha
Padma Priya Uppalapati&Appala Krishna Phani
Vijay K Sankaramadhi
Santosh Kumar Thouta
Ganesh Kota or Deepika Kota
Parag Bhatt and Preeti Bhatt
Somesh Gatty
Venkateswarlu Raja
Rekharani V Kaza& Prasad k Dhulipalla
Anil K Chintalapati
Srinivasulu Panuganti
Srinivas Sangani& Jyothi Vaidadi
Navaneeth Beeram
Sathyanarayanan Sivakumaran & Chitra Sathyanarayanan
Sridhar Paduri & Keerthi Paduri
Udaykumar Batchu
Kavita Sangani
Venkateswarlu Raja
Narsi Posham
Total Donations :

Note: Mr Venkat Ramana Reddy Tamalampudi has donated 200 benches worth $5000 to the school. During his visit to Krushi Vidhyalayam, He saw few students sitting on the hard floor and came forward to donate.

2. School Progress

Right now we have 600+ students in English Medium and 700+ students in Telugu Medium. School starts at 8.45 AM with prayer and class will be over by 3.30 PM. After class work all students will finish their daily home work with teachers’ help in school before 5 PM. After that they will do simple Yoga for 15 minutes and then followed by 10 minutes meditation. Whole staff will participate in the meditation. Every Saturday is reserved for only moral classes and overall classes. The student should not get any homework or class work. All class should general classes.
The first five minutes of each period is reserved for one General Knowledge bit, one English word and its usage and once in a while discussion on one current affair. This is happening irrespective of the class type.
All higher standards’ have one hour PET and one gardening class once in every week and all LKG, UKG, 1st, and Nursery students have everyday play time and few movie classes.
All higher standard Telugu medium students have spoken English class on every Sunday for one hour.
To improve the attendance and team spirit, we have implemented groups in each class with names like Gandhi, Bose, Bhagath Sign, Mother teresa etc.. Each group will compete in exams, sports, attendance and neatness...
Last but not least, we are encouraging every student to plant at least one plant and take care of it. So far they planted around 600 plants in the year 2008.

3. Events in 2008

  • We have invited all the retired teachers to the school on Teachers’ day ( on September 5th).
  • Sponsored midday meal program(Initiated by Sri Chukka Ramaiah garu) for 2 weeks at Junior college, HuzurNagar, Nalogonda (Dt)

4. 2008 Financial details.

Here is the total expenditure and donation amount for the year 2008.

Item Date Contact Person Phone Number Amount Purpose
NPO registration 11/6/2008 Lalitha 5106041265 $2,500 Paid to Tax Champion for purpose of registering as non profitable organization
Mid day meal program   Prof Sita Ram Rao   $200 Sponsoring mid meal program at  Junior College, Huzurnagar
Krushi Vidhyalayam construction 11/24/2008 Mr Obul Reddy 9440293633 $20,000 Paid the bill for School building construction; Total 30 rooms were constructed
Wire transfer fee 11/24/2008 Bank of America NA $45 NA
Teachers salaries   Mr Obul Reddy 9440293633 $21,000 $3000 per month. This includes salaries for teaching / non teaching staff (35 ) including office administration.
Initial setup cost   Mr Obul Reddy   $5,000

Expenditure for school registration

This is for getting opening permission, paid to DEO office and bonds

Student Books   Mr Obul Reddy   $2,000 Most of the students bought their books but we paid for few students who couldn’t afford.
Benches   Mr Obul Reddy   $4,500 Total 150 benches were bought  and each benche costs around $30
Sports kits   Mr Obul Reddy   $1,000  
Library books   Mr Obul Reddy   $1,500  
School Furniture   Mr Obul Reddy   $2,000  
Total Expenditure       $59,745  
Narsi  Posham Donation       $30,000  
Other Donations       $11,000 Most of the funds from US organizations / Individuals
Local contribution from students as Fee (For those who can afford)       $20,000  
Total Donations       $61,000  

5. Plans for 2009-2010

List of upcoming events..

  1. Fund raising for the following items
  2. Plant at least 5000 plants in next monsoon.
  3. Try to get 2 acres of land from government for school explansion to accommodate more students.
  4. Arrange Personality development as well as spoken English classes in summer for Degree students from rural areas.
  5. Increase the participation of students in District level sports and arts competitions.

I would like to request all of you to visit the school during your next india visit and please pass the word in your circle who can join their helping hand. Your feedback/suggestions are greatly appreciated and feel free to contact me for any questions I wish you all the best and very happy new year.

Note: We have mailed the tax receipts for the all donors. Please let me know if you have not received receipts.

Narsi Posham.