Proposed Projects for new school year

Projects Description Status Estimated Budget Contributions Start Date Target End Date
Sponsorship for 400 eligible students (code: SP400)   In Progress $20,000   1/1/2009 Not Applicable
Library Books ( code: BOOKS) Purchase of books for library Initiated..funds needed $600 $100 12/21/2008 12/21/2008
Class Room Benches (code : Benches) Purchase of class room benches Initiated..funds needed $5,000 $5000
Mr Venkat Ramana Reddy Tamalampudi has donated 200 benches
Closed Closed
Science Laboratory Equipments (Code: Lab)   Initiated..funds needed $600      
Sports Equipment (Code: Sports) Purchase of sports equipment for students Initiated..funds needed $600      
Muscial Instruments (Code: Music) Purchase of muscial equipments like tabla ,flute etc Initiated..funds needed $1,000